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2020 - Jun - 02

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Personal Status Registration Organization :
Tis organization is an independent legal entity which its formal , official, executive responsibilities depend on this independency. It follows ministry of Interior and is regarded as a concentrated organization. All personal status registration organizations follow central office and they have to follow and enforce the rules and regulations in the country. This organization has the most visitors among all offices in accordance to the amount of ID Card Services which are done by it.
The history of personal status registration organization :
According to government approval , the ID office was established in ministry of interior in 1st of Mehr 1297. Since that time , the municipality agents tried to record the events in related notebooks. The approved rule in 24th khordad 1304 forced all Iranian citizens to give ID Cards and this way the personal status registration organization was established and it started issuing ID Cards & recording events. In khordad 1307, the statistical and personal status registration organization was established under Ehsaieh office and it started to work independently.
Then in 1319, regulations and rules were approved and notified to this organization and then the name was changed to statistical and personal status registration organization. In Tir 1355 the regulations were approved and this organization start to work in a new way and in 1363 the Islamic consultative assembly did some corrections in them.

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